October 2020 – Divorcing A Parent

Divorcing A Parent A spoilt teenager may selfishly cry “I wish you weren’t my mum / dad anymore!” for dramatic effect, but in other families this can be the genuine plea of an abused child. Their desire to cut ties and to restrict the abusive parent’s involvement in their lives is usually understandable but is […]

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Judicial Guidance on PDF Court Bundles – 20th May 2020

On 20 May 2020, general guidance was published on PDF Bundles: The following points are of note: The guidance does not apply to tribunals. The guidance is general and is subject to directions of the court or the requirements of a judge in a particular case. Bundles must, where the nature of the document […]

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Remote hearings and the vulnerable client

It’s all very well to do Zoom, but it’s better to be in the room. One misses the tells, The ticks and the smells, There’s a danger injustice will loom!   A member of my Chambers, Jessica Habel, came up with that wonderful little limerick which sums up the nature of this post. The current […]

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COVID 19 UPDATE 7th MAY 2020

This blog looks at the recent advice which can be found on the ACAS Website in respect of handling grievances and disciplinaries during the Covid 19 pandemic. The most important point to remember (which cannot be repeated too often) is that employment law has not been suspended during the pandemic when social distancing and lock […]

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COVID 19 UPDATE 29th APRIL 2020   I have waited a couple of weeks for my next update until the Covid Job Retention Scheme (CJRS) had bedded in. In this blog I am going to look at some of the issues which have been resolved and others which still remain unresolved.   Do you need […]

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COVID-19 and force majeure

COVID-19 and force majeure The COVID-19 pandemic is placing considerable strain on businesses, making it difficult or impossible to meet pre-existing contractual obligations. Contracts routinely contain a force majeure clause, that is, a clause that sets out the consequences of what happens if a party is prevented from performing the contract in circumstances that are […]

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