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A downloadable PDF of this article is available by clicking this link. ASSERTING A STATUTORY RIGHT Under S 104 Employment Rights 1996 (ERA) an employee is protected from being dismissed for asserting a statutory right. S104 of the ERA provides as follows (my underlining): S 104 Assertion of statutory right.  (1) An employee who is […]

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Judicial Guidance on PDF Court Bundles – 20th May 2020

On 20 May 2020, general guidance was published on PDF Bundles: The following points are of note: The guidance does not apply to tribunals. The guidance is general and is subject to directions of the court or the requirements of a judge in a particular case. Bundles must, where the nature of the document […]

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COVID-19 and force majeure

COVID-19 and force majeure The COVID-19 pandemic is placing considerable strain on businesses, making it difficult or impossible to meet pre-existing contractual obligations. Contracts routinely contain a force majeure clause, that is, a clause that sets out the consequences of what happens if a party is prevented from performing the contract in circumstances that are […]

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Temporary Insolvency Practice Direction

Temporary Insolvency Practice Direction A Temporary Insolvency Practice Direction (“TIPD”) drafted by Mr Justice Zacaroli, Chief ICCJ Briggs, Mr Justice Snowden and Mr Justice Marcus Smith came into force on 6 April 2020 and will remain in force until 1 October 2020 unless amended or revoked. TIPD can be found at Its purpose is […]

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