Judicial Guidance on PDF Court Bundles – 20th May 2020

May 21, 2020

On 20 May 2020, general guidance was published on PDF Bundles:


The following points are of note:

  • The guidance does not apply to tribunals.
  • The guidance is general and is subject to directions of the court or the requirements of a judge in a particular case.
  • Bundles must, where the nature of the document permits, be subject to optical character recognition so that they are word-searchable and words can be highlighted.
  • Documents should be in portrait. Landscape documents should be able to be read with a 90-degree clockwise rotation.
  • All pages must be numbered electronically so that they are machine readable and can be searched for. If possible, the number should be preceded by a letter to aid searching.
  • All PDF files must be labelled with specific details of the case and bundle.
  • A specific approach should be taken if a bundle is to be added to after the file has been transmitted to the judge.
  • The guidance applies to litigants in person, although if one side is legally represented, that party should consider offering to prepare the e-bundle.


Justin Perring




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