Covid 19 – Pallant message – Business open as unusual – March 2020

Business open as Unusual

The entire team at Pallant are all functioning remotely and attending conferences and court hearings via telephone or video call. We have access to the latest technology, including corporate accounts with Zoom which we have found to be the most user friendly and interactive service. We are able to set up court hearings, advocates’ meetings, mediations, arbitrations, conferences and multi-party hearings as required. There is no additional costs to our clients for using these services.


We are here to help

Our large administration team are all trained on how to make the most of the remote technology and how it can work to keep cases progressing as seamlessly as possible. Zoom offer excellent tutorials on their website, which are helpful, but please do call the team with any tech related queries, our aim is to enable us all to get the most out of the facilities we have and that are available.


Knowledge bank

As remote hearings and meetings are certain to be part of our immediate future we have created a knowledge bank resource. We have collated practical and technical feedback following remotely conducted meetings and hearings this week. This will be circulated amongst the Pallant Team to make sure that our clients experience the best possible service, assured that we are working alongside them. We are more that happy to share these experiences with our professional clients and would welcome feedback from your experiences to further enhance the quality of service we are able to offer.



We have systems in place which enable us to hold bundles on our secure remote server and we also hold an account with Bundledocs.  Our clients are welcome to remotely use our systems to create and store the e-bundles that are now required for all court hearing. Alternatively our Admin team are here to work with you to get the job done. Please call the Clerks on either 023 8080 3008 or 01243 784538 or email and the team would be pleased to assist.


Do feel free to call and keep in touch

Our team of 38 specialist barristers have always been user friendly. We realise that as most hearings are now going to be undertaken remotely you will not be bumping into the Pallant Team at court to catch up or talk about cases generally. We are therefore encouraging our clients to pick up the telephone and call the team to discuss any query they may have. We are here to help and make this tricky time as easy as it can be.